White-sand beaches, fantastic snorkeling and diving sites, great food, unique culture, and warm people all make Okinawa a top must-see place in Japan. On the island, people can also swim in the unspoiled beaches, eat local foods, and stay in minshuku or Japanese-style bed and breakfast. Ability to compact fairly flat when not in use so it can fit into a carry-on bag, briefcase, or purse. If you’re pinching the pennies, then it’s well worth looking at – the prices are often far cheaper than the bigger chains, though names like Travelodge do have more central locations at a similar price.

How large is Samhain? Hoping my cat can be comfortable in the Delta sherpa as well for an unavoidable and long flight. I admit it – I’m in love with our little 13-ft vintage Shasta Travel Trailer. It’s the warm cozy adorable playhouse I dreamed about as a little girl.

Anyone who has flown has seen in-flight magazines. Usually, the standard is very high and though most of the in-flight magazines buy from freelancers, they prefer to work with writers who are already published. But I have an external hard drive that I save everything to, isn’t that enough? Hopefully it is, but I have known many people who get their entire backpacks stolen. Now you’ve not only lost your camera, but the hard drive it is backed up on as well.

I do not plan on going to the philliapines any time soon, but these tips are good for traveling most places. Angus is the reason I was drawn here I loved the pictures, as I own a cavalier king Charles spaniel myself and love the breed. Great hub. Overall though in my humble opinion, the negatives are far outweighed by the positives.

This is how I roll. I’m not the most confident driver. Part of my love for the Shasta Compact is that 1) it was within the towing capacity of my small RV (the Toyota Rav4), and 2) its compactness makes towing a bit less intimidating. Usually these companies offer a variety of plans from which to choose, but even the least expensive and most basic will get the job done for you.

Pack it, making sure that the heavier items are low and are spread out evenly along the its entire length. Oh my goodness, I have professed my love for this little device to countless travelers I met along the way. Now it’s time I share my feelings in writing.Travel