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I don’t know if I’d actually have the nerve to travel through time if it were possible, but I sure enjoy watching other people do it! I was there for the launch where, fortuitously, the sun was shining so fiercely that we were all hiding in the shade (that’s some midday wisdom to be proud of). The burger is king here – try the marinated chicken option, served with incredible sweet potato fries.Travel

Business travelers depend heavily on their carry-on bags. Nearly all road warriors own at least one rollaboard suitcase, but few are happy with the roll-on luggage they own. That’s why they will appreciate receiving a gift of a durable, well-designed rollaboard to replace their current carry-on suitcase.

Chase Tower is not only the tallest building in Phoenix, it is also the tallest building in the state of Arizona. The building was completed in 1972 and stands at 483 feet tall. It has housed financial institutions since its completion. The building has a well developed underground concourse that is home to a number of retail shops and eating establishments. Though there is no observation platform, there is a restaurant on the 38th floor that allows a great opportunity to view the skyline of Phoenix.

The 2 story Scad-A-Bout looks interesting, I am just now seeing the teardrops on the highway and was wondering what it was, well now I know and I am interested in buying a new or used one (vintage) sounds more like my style. Well happy hunting for those of you who are searching for your little home away from home like myself, Odell over and out.

Long flights also call for a lengthy distraction. Sometimes you don’t want to watch a movie (or the airline doesn’t have in seat entertainment – I’m looking at YOU, American Airlines). Sometimes you don’t want to sleep (or can’t) and you just need to make sure the guy sitting next to you doesn’t tell you about the restraining order that’s just been placed on him.

Thank you for this article! I have looked at so many articles and videos online over the last few days to try to get information on repairing damaged roof/ceiling and interior walls. I found your article very informative and easy to follow. We are beginning to demo a 5th wheel that was left on property we recently purchased, and I will be referring to your articles as we go. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge and projects.