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Whether you’re headed just for a short trip by car, flying to a different state, or traveling oversees, this will help pack all the essentials you might need and not to forget things. Shurijo is located atop a hill, is pierced by several large gates, and has ornately decorated buildings mostly of the vermillion color. Don’t have time to read our full guide? Check out the cheat sheet for all the essential information. Oh, that´s a cute dog Regin. Good luck to your plan in bringing your dog to the Philippines. Thank you for your visit.

We would be very upset too as he is a member of our small family. Seems like he is our child. Great lens with good advice. You seem to have thought of everything. Blessed by a Squid angel. Teardrop Trailers are made of aluminum, fiberglass and other lightweight materials. Shaped like a tear drop, this unique design and engineering keeps theses trailers very light and easy to pull. They usually weigh under 1,000 pounds.

Hi Floridagirl! Sorry to have answered you late. You are welcome. Good luck for bringing your chihuahua to the Philippines. God bless you and your family, too. We spent 2 wonderful, secluded days in that spot; hiking, sitting and generally enjoying the mountain views.

Ask the locals, and they will verify this one. Plus, the ice cream was already featured in a show in a local channel here in the Philippines. Hence, you should really check this out! I haven’t traveled in a while but I used to be in the military. I would live out of my luggage and duffel bag for months at a time.

Therefore you must make sure that the unit you use for full time living is big enough to serve your purposes and has everything you will need to keep yourself comfortable. Otherwise you will be miserable. I normally hope for a pillow the airline gives out. Didn’t know there were all of these choices!

I’m usually so busy looking out the window that I forget all about sleep, but when I get stuck in an aisle or middle seat, I tend to drowse. One of these inflatable pillows would be so handy then. No I don’t think I would consider myself a glamper – have never really been much of a girly girl.Travel