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It is well established that air travel raises the risk of potentially fatal blood clots. Did you know, however, that traveling by car, bus, boat, and train can also be risky? Anytime that you sit still for more than 1-2 hours, your blood begins to coagulate. Coagulation means clots. This risk is increased for anyone who has thrombophilia, clotting disorders, surgery, pregnancy, hormone use, and/or a history of blood clots. Once you have had a pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis (DVT), you need to be extra cautious when traveling as you are at an increased risk of a second clot. As traveling is already a risk, if you have a history of clotting, you will need to be especially careful when you travel. Although some of the magazines listed below are not specifically about travel, they do have a travel section and as such need articles. Some of these buy only a small portion from freelancers and others source virtually all their material from freelancer writers.

What better way to fund your travels in your RV or motorhome than by writing about the places you visit? It’s a win-win situation. Here are magazines or websites which buy travel articles with a slant towards RV owners. The articles can be about areas of interest accessible for RVers, road conditions, campgrounds and availability of services.Travel

You only get one chance to find the THREE primers in the Al Bhed’s Home, and ONE primer in the temple of Bevelle. Although pets are permitted on Eurotunnel (with a valid Pet Passport), foot passengers are not because the train is a drive in, drive off service with no seating and very basic facilities.

I made a video of the room I stayed in, so you can get a better idea of the space and concept. Scrapbooks are fun and often, they can use these for school projects. You can enjoy choosing pictures, events, and experiences to include in them. Very fascinating. I’ll definitely refer to this hub for future vacation ideas. Great music on the videos.

Earlier, if we wanted to visit some place within our own country or some foreign country, we needed to do lot of research for a long time, may be for days to know which roads to take, where to stay etc. So of course, I haven’t traveled in four years. 🙂 All valid points here my friend.

I don’t know of any regulation against mailing a C2. Check with your local post office. The biggest concern is to package it so that the contents are NOT obvious (stuff bottles with cotton, etc). You don’t want it to look or sound like pills. Another option is to try to run out of medication just before you leave, thus you fill a full prescription before your trip. To do this, you may need to ask the doctor for a smaller supply. For example, if you are leaving in 1 week and just ran out of meds…ask your MD for a 1 week supply, and then a full month supply to fill just before you leave. Make sense? Just explain to the pharmacy what you are doing.