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If you want to know how to go about selling your RV yourself so that you can cut your losses at the point of sale, this guide is for you. So, lets do some math………. if Rudolph Fentz died in 1945… then a Rudolph Fentz born in 1847 would have been 98 – unlikely that he would have been mistaken for a 60ish year old in 1939 (he would have supposedly been 93) – but, certainly fitting in with a son of that age perhaps…. the husband of the widow. – Rudolph Fentz…………….. Which of course leads to a possible answer of sorts…. perhaps…. at least in my opinion based on how the story is told…… because we have to believe that either the Living Real Doppelganger of Rudolph Fentz was killed in 1950 (and who’s body the coroner examined and which had the artifacts) FIVE years after his death….. or that the Living Real Doppelganger was the body of the 1847 Rudolph Fentz.Travel

Question: how do we know if RV would support a deck. We had a small leak last year and he covered the roof (and three sides) of RV with heavy dry in paper- I think thats what it is called-so it no longer leaks, yet still will need a surface since dry in paper is black, rough and ugly!

Mail forwarding services can generally be started or stopped as needed, but each company has its own rules, so it is wise to find out what they are prior to signing up. The best and most reasonable one I know of is offered by The Good Sam Club, but you may have to join in order to access this benefit.

One of the oldest firefighting museums in the United States, the Hall of Flame Fire Museum first opened in 1961. The museum is dedicating to the preservation and display of firefighting equipment that has been used on the job by firemen through the years. The items displayed include artifacts from more modern times, wild land firefighting equipment, and items used in the battle against fires dating as far back as the early-to-mid 1700s.

In your bedroom use all the pillows to make your bed as comfortable as possible and ask for more if you need them. The thing I find hardest is leaving my memory foam mattress behind but I find lots of pillows and a blanket or towel under my hips for support helps my back a lot.

That’s why the Kindle Paperwhite 3G is the perfect companion to a tablet for both leisure and business travel. It’s designed and optimized specifically for reading. With its front-lit, non-reflective screen, there’s no glare even in bright sunlight and the light shines toward the reading surface instead of in your eyes. The brightness is also adjustable depending on the brightness of your environment. So you can read comfortably for hours without eyestrain. And as a business traveler myself, I can tell you that after a long day of meetings, there’s nothing like relaxing with a good book to clear your head before turning in for the night.