Top 10 Things To Do In Rome

Check the availability of your domain name using the search input box you’ll see on the top of any page. I just had a month driving through the south of Italy with my husband and I just brought with me three silk shirts which I wash and hang and presto the next morning, they’re dry and ready to wear. You have to convince your women friends, this is not a fashion show. Make them think of the times when they have to park at a distance from their hotel and roll their luggage through the cobbled streets of many cities.

Saving money. Group travel is generally much cheaper. You can get group rates on accommodations (you’ve probably seen brochures that say single occupancy, double occupancy, triple occupancy, and so on – the price goes down for each person sharing a room), companion rates for certain modes of transportation (particularly bus and train), group rates into attractions (amusement parks, museums, etc), and there are tons of other things you can split costs on. If you’re able to reduce costs, you’ll have extra money to see and do more things.

I wanted to add a quick note about Rome and Vatican City. Obviously no trip to Rome is complete without taking in the sites inside Vatican City so check out my Top 10 Things To Do in Vatican City page. It deserves to have its own lens and to give Vatican City (which is technically its own country and not part of Rome) one line item in my list of Rome’s Top 10 seemed ridiculous.Travel

Post communist Russia is very entrepreneurial with small businesses popping up all over the place. In Ryazan there were numerous small restaurants all over town and the same in St. Petersburg (I remember passing one where a person had converted their first floor apartment into an outdoor cafe by cutting door in the outside wall and serving food on tables set up on the sidewalk).

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The western part of the state is in stark contrast with the more thickly settled eastern part. Unlike the east, there is no coast, but in place of beaches are the towering purple Berkshires, the low valleys of the Connecticut River, and hairpin turns on scenic backroads in towns like Williamstown.