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Bringing your dog to the Philippines is an idea to think of very carefully and very wisely as it takes great planning and effort on how your pet survives the stress that he or she will encounter on the flight. Love these things, and some of them are really neat inside. My wife and I are actually considering buying my wife’s cousin’s pop-up he’s been trying to sell. We figure there are a ton of lakes and little camp spots around here, and it’s a good excuse just to get out a town for a weekend.

Also handy are organizers that fit the hotel room shelves. I just put these organizers on the shelves and I am free of the hassle of packing and unpacking. I also keep a few Ziploc bags in my luggage. I have to admit, they are versatile, handy and occupy less space. Moreover, I can immediately see what’s in there.

I wrote my book, Europe on a Dime: Five-Star Travel on a One-Star Budget, because I know anyone willing to invest a little time and effort can travel as cheaply, and as comfortably, as I do. Planning isn’t difficult, but you do need to learn a few tricks.

As any parent knows eating with Kids can be an experience in itself and so it was this morning again. I never went through the ‘kids’ phase in my life and I sometimes think to myself it was probably just as well. But of course I’m looking at it from a Seniors point of view now and not a young family man’s point of view. Maybe I would have made a good Father, I like to think so, but I’ll never know. I’m a biological Father of course but guess you could say I never really earned my wings to think of myself as a true Father. Anyway it’s always an educating experience for me whenever any of Kelly’s 6 Grandchildren and their parents happen to drop by.

They can use this for those dirty and smelly clothes they want separated from the clean ones. Also, when they wear winter coats when they leave the house and are travelling to warm weather, they can use this to keep their coats and find more space in their luggage.Travel

In fact, Croatia was recently named as the Mediterranean’s fastest growing tourist destination, as more and more people each year flock to its pristine national parks, beautiful beaches, and the medieval Old Town of Dubrovnik. The immense popularity of HBO’s hit TV series, Game of Thrones, has boosted this country’s tourism as well, as the show highlights the majestic beauty of old town Dubrovnik, the shooting location for Game Of Thrones’s King’s Landing.