Jetset Christina

Sure, it is safer and cheaper to stay home…probably. But God made the whole world and you’ve only seen a little bit of it. I’ll bet there are even places in your own local area that you’ve wondered about or have meant to see but haven’t quite gotten to yet. You are not a cog in a wheel – you have a soul, and dreams, and curiosity. Let these quotes inspire you to take a little time and get out there! Don’t just stop with the sites I have listed. Newspapers often have travel sections and require articles. Writing a travel article for your local newspaper would be a good start if you haven’t had any travel articles published. Begin building up a portfolio of published articles in both newspapers and magazines before approaching companies such as the airlines.

Brad’s Benroy is well known in the teardrop trailer group. This beautiful trailer looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Bennett Peterson was one of the the designers. The Benroy is a great trailer and has stood the test of time. In the links, there are many more pictures.

Wild Animals. Many people hope to see animals such as moose, bears, otters, and whales on a trip to Alaska. Bears and moose are those that you will see just wondering around, moose more so than bears. If you see one on a drive and decide to take a picture, be aware of the cars behind you. Also, that they are wild. Also, that if you hit one in a car, you are completely destroying your car. A little fun-fact: Alaska car insurance must cover windshield replacement. During the winter, plows do not use salt to melt the snow and ice on the roads. They simply use sand. Because sand, rocks and other particles of dirt will fly up and crack car windshields easily, the car must have insurance that covers the damage. If they did use salt, bears and moose will come into the road more often to lick it, causing accidents.

Our Platinum Plan is for travelers who want the most comprehensive package of travel insurance coverage and assistance services. If you are looking for the total package that includes coverage for our highest level of medical services, plus additional benefits when purchased within 15 days of initial trip payment, then this is the package for you! The Platinum Plan also covers for pre-existing medical conditions, financial default – even trip cancellation due to job loss and other covered work reasons! You can also upgrade your Platinum Plan to include optional coverages like Cancel for Any Reason and Medical Evacuation home or to the hospital of your choice!

Like its predecessor, the Bost QuietComfort 25 noise canceling headphones run on a single, easy-to-find AAA battery that delivers up to 35 hours of use. The headband has been re-engineered so that it sits closer to the head, so there’s less of a gap. The sleek, cushioned, molded carrying case protects the headphones extremely well and includes slots for an extra battery and the two-prong adapter for airplane use, which is included.Travel

All is not boring in the region of the satellite galaxies. One of the first supernovas discovered was in The Magellanic Clouds. And intelligent life might possibly be there. Hope not though. It would cramp real estate speculation if politicians feel that the natives need to be exterminated before we can suburbanize intergalactic space.