How To Load And Pack Your RV For Safety And Comfort

I wish I’d had one of these lovely soft car seat belt pillows when my son was a little boy. It would have really helped him enjoy his car trips a lot more and it would have helped me relax knowing that he was comfortable enough to fall asleep without hurting his neck. There are so many choices and the price range offers options for any budget. But our choice of travel speaker is the Lifetrons Drumbass IIIe. This set of speakers makes listening to music worthwhile. If you want bluetooth, get the latest offer from Lifetrons.Travel

If your car has a lumbar support which is adjustable that is good but if not a lumbar support cushion will work as well to give extra support for your bad back. If you are hiring a car you can check this out beforehand or bring your own cushion to custom your seat.

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We sat there in silence for five minutes, but I could have stayed longer. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Now, if you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to read on long journeys. Or any journey, really. I’ve done it on rare occasions, but it usually ends in tears.

I was still quite full from dinner, but the trout looked so delicious I grabbed a pair of chopsticks and joined in with the rest of the group in devouring our catch. Barbados, Cayman Islands and St. Lucia receive an average of seven inches of rain, which makes them unattractive destinations for either long-term stays or Caribbean cruises.

Gage has chronicled so many rallies and gathering, he doesn’t even have space to show them all. Every single trailer that has attended one of these events is photographed. There are many wonderful pictures and one could spend a whole day just checking them out. Thanks Gage!!