Going To Cebu Island, Philippines? 4 Things You Should Know

For Chillout Diving portion, lower prices are currently being re-negotiated, but one week will be around $1299 inclusive of flights, bus and boat transfers, accommodation and all meals. Diving prices also TBA. Set up a separate savings account. Set up an automatic deposit, either through work or on your own online, to go to that separate account. Even just $50 per paycheck can quickly add up and it’s not so much that you’ll notice it’s gone. If you can afford more, change the dollar amount that goes, even if this is a one-time occurrence or permanent.

Gas Stations. It seems like it would be as common to have a gas station in every town in Alaska as it is with almost every other area in the United States. In fact, to some, it can be more obvious since Alaska has a good amount of oil. However, that is not true. Outside of the cities, gas stations are rare. It is a good idea to fill up your tank before leaving for an adventure and refilling the tank at the destination, if possible.

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The most respectful way to give alms is to kneel or sit along the side of the road so you can give alms to the monks as they pass by. If you choose to give alms, you should make sure you are dressed conservatively and remove your shoes. When in doubt, follow the lead of the locals.

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