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Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is a project for the far future or even the near future. We hope to succeed not just in our lifetimes but soon. I need this article – I think I have the dream of living the RV life without balancing the realities of it – RVs require a lot of maintenance and responsible upkeep – I need to factor that in! Thanks for the great article, Time Traveler! In this brief article I am going to share with you several things you can do if run out of your medications while on vacation or away from home.

Great Hub! My wife & I seen half ot it mentioned but wished we had time to see the other! Arianne, you have to ask your vet about that. I have no idea. Sorry. He surely knows when. Thanks for dropping by again. Great article full of useful information. I spend Thanksgiving in the Bahamas and will head to Jamaica in December. Beats shoveling snow!!

I cant get a hold of their office to get some confirmation. The lines always busy. I want to bring my mix breed dog from China this coming December. Anyone can travel, whether alone or in group, whether old or young. Because communication and technology has simplified our lives.

I’m also hoping to dive the Great Barrier Reef in Australia sometime soon. Thanks for all these great quotes. Sounds like a really good type of adhesive, Les. I’ll remember this when doing future repair jobs. As far as the plywood reinforced roof is concerned, it would depend on the thickness of plywood used whether the roof would support being walked on.Travel

Hi Jmillis! You´re right, these tips are good for traveling in most places. Angus had been to many countries in Europe but in going to the Philippines, we needed a lot of paper works for his travel. If you are travelling the world and you need medical emergency and travel cover, you can take Vhi Backpacker with you.

Yes you’re right, BT. sometimes work can be extremely enjoyable. Thanks so much for stopping by this hub. The material and labor costs on this one was around $1500 if I remember correctly but doing your own labor will save you a bundle. I hope this helps answer your question.