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Camping has once again become a very popular family activity. With the economic downturn, many families are choosing to purchase travel trailers as an alternative to pricey vacations staying in hotels. Sales of the large motor homes and fancy trailers are down. But the demand for travel trailers with all of the amenities yet lightweight enough to be pulled by the family car has increased significantly. Traveling by car is 340 miles one way. Doing some quick math, the cost of gas alone would be about $90.00 round trip. The cost of round trip train tickets (coach class) was $156. It’s important to note here that had I booked the tickets a few days earlier, the fare would have been only $135.00. There’s more to say about getting the best price on tickets later in this article.

The official name of this popular and well known Phoenix landmark is The Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary and construction of it was completed in 1914. The church was visited by Pope John Paul II during his visit to the city in 1987. St. Mary’s Church celebrates mass every day of the week and welcomes visitors and architectural enthusiasts all year long.

Note, be very cautious if you’re traveling during the daylight saving time or other time changing events. The reservation systems might not recognize the time change in advance and on some occasions you might need to reschedule or reroute your trip due to the lack of connection time.

Cellphones. Most everyone has a cellphone now. But Alaska has most of the cellphone towers in populated areas. Your cellphone may not have a signal if you leave the cities, which can prevent problems if something were to go wrong. In short, cellphones outside of cities are not as reliable. Just be prepared.

As any parent knows eating with Kids can be an experience in itself and so it was this morning again. I never went through the ‘kids’ phase in my life and I sometimes think to myself it was probably just as well. But of course I’m looking at it from a Seniors point of view now and not a young family man’s point of view. Maybe I would have made a good Father, I like to think so, but I’ll never know. I’m a biological Father of course but guess you could say I never really earned my wings to think of myself as a true Father. Anyway it’s always an educating experience for me whenever any of Kelly’s 6 Grandchildren and their parents happen to drop by.

There are many occasions when a dog might have to travel by itself. Even though you may not want to do this, you can be sure that airlines do this all the time and will take very good care of your dog. A little pre-planning on your part will ensure that your dog will have a journey with as little stress as possible. Just following a few basic rules of thumb will be very helpful.Travel