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I bought my first portable travel kettle after staying at a 4 star hotel in Las Vegas which to my surprise didn’t have tea or coffee making facilities in the room. I was shocked and unprepared for thisas I had become accustomed to seeing this as a standard complimentary feature but I guess more and more hotels are removing them from rooms to save money and probably to encourage you to pay their often horrendous room service prices or get you into their cafes and restaurants in the morning. Room service annoys me so I don’t use it and having to leave my room to buy over-priced coffee just sucked so I vowed to always bring a small portable travel kettle with me in future. Hi Karen: Since so many people have an interest in full timing, I thought it would be a good idea to give them further details. I always tell people that if they can afford it, just close up the house and give full timing a try. If it doesn’t work out, they will still have everything waiting for them back home. Most find that RVing is so great that the thought of going back to the house, the expenses, the work, etc is a drag. But others are happy they didn’t just jump in with both feet. It’s a big decision, that’s for sure!

NOTE, you might know lots of huge agencies like Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, etc. They might seem attractive to you because they’re big and well known. But they will not always give you the best flight, hotel or cruise deals. They might be good for US domestic travel, but not always for international travel.

The restaurant has a roomy terrace, perfect for a lunch out of the midday sun. Lounge around on the wide sofas, surrounded by plants and sheltered by parasols, and you won’t feel the need to go anywhere. Especially if you order the beef carpaccio – this was so good, I had it two days in a row. I find it hard to resist carpaccio whenever I’m in France, but this was beyond words. Perfectly thin slices of beef were drizzled with olive oil and a thick dusting of aged parmesan, and happily, it came with fries (I’d have been too embarrassed to order them, but oh, were they a good pairing).Travel

Even the lesson I learned with letting Griff off leash was valuable. I’ll just probably get a longer leash next time rather than risk the drama-or work with him more to attempt to get a consistent recall from him. However, our personal experience has been that malamutes simply do not return every single time and that one time he doesn’t might just be a disaster.

Some nurses live and work in areas that see an abundance of gunshot and stab wounds in their ERs and trauma surgery schedules. These and other nurses may be required to work double shits and standard 12-hour days in some locations in America because of a nursing shortage that will last well into the mid 21st century. These conditions can lead to untenable stress over the long term that results in mental and physical breakdown among nursing staff.

Start looking at where you can cut costs, by finding discounts and coupons. I never pay full price for anything if I can avoid it. I’ll search online for the best rates on everything, and many attractions have cheaper rates if you order tickets online or you purchase ahead of time…or you might find something like CityPASS will get you an amazing deal on a whole bunch of things you want to see/do.