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A perpetual globetrotter and travel writer who has experienced over 60 countries, authored 40+ guidebooks, and published 100s of articles for National Geographic Traveler, Wanderlust, Paperplane, Get Lost, Lifestyle+Travel, Voyageur, Hemispheres, The Independent, Lonely Planet, DK, Footprint, Rough Guides, Insight, Thomas Cook, AA Guides, Fodors, USA Today, and more. This blog is about the things that are cool (and not so cool) about travel, that inspire us to travel, and that are inspiring about the places we visit. It’s a space for me to reflect upon my work as a travel writer, the travel media, travel publishing, and travel industry. Our grand kids love this journal. The girls love the pink colour of course but also the elastic strap that holds the journal together and keeps the pages from getting disintegrated. The pages are soft to the touch when you write making the experience much more pleasant.

Almost all the amenities of the larger motor homes and 5th wheel campers can be added to the lightweight models. Fully loaded kitchens, private bathroom, and a separate sleeping chamber are some of the popular choices along with TV, microwaves and as well as air conditioning. Even the 5th wheels are getting in … Read more

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Travel insurance that covers you and your family’s holidays throughout the year. Wherever you’re going we’re there for you. I’ll always remember The Marker for having one of the best timed openings of all time. The Grand Canal hotel launched, complete with a jazzy rooftop bar, during one of the best spells of April weather in recent memory. It couldn’t have been planned any better. The rooftop bar is one of the hottest spots in the city when the sun shines, so getting a table is no easy feat – get there as early as you can and cross your fingers, as bookings are only taken for groups of 10 or more. Priority is given to hotel guests, or to those with leaders club membership. Always check on the site before you make your way over – it’s available for private rental, so is sometimes closed to the public.

Although they have various articles they do have a travel section. They purchase 40% of their articles from freelance writers. Their style is sharp and witty. You must register on their site first and then submit queries via email or snail mail. The article length should be 850-2,000 words for which … Read more

What Airlines Or Travel Agents Do Not Tell You

The climate is dry. Some areas of the world are the same as Alaska when it comes to having a dry climate. The people coming from those areas are used to it. But others that come from humid areas will find a dry climate can be quite different. It is essential to bring some type of body lotion with you to keep your skin from drying out. It can happen pretty quickly, within a few days to two weeks. It’s better to be prepared. Vacations are expensive. I mean, next to your house and car, it’s probably one of the tings in life that you spend the most money on. You’ve seen the ways I’ve showed you how to save money for your trips, but how exactly do you save money on your trips. I travel a lot, and I save a lot, because if I didn’t, I couldn’t afford to go most places.

Randy, I chose this hub because in a year from now I am planning on purchasing some kind of motor home or travel trailer. I am beginning a new job after retiring from my old one. I’ll be traveling around the country working for 13 week … Read more

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I have owned my trailer for 2 years and love it. We have traveled thousands of miles all around this great country and being able to park almost anywhere I want is a great comfort. Sometimes what you need is a portable, waterproof picnic blanket, which you can carry around in your car to take to games, for camping, on the beach and of course picnics. These blankets are great to keep handy for impromptu, as well as arranged excursions.

If you do take someone with you, for your first trip, sit together. On subsequent trips, you should get that safe” person to sit further away from you each time. Eventually, you could get that person to wait for you at your destination. This is all graded exposure and how quickly or slowly you do it depends entirely on your progress. When you can manage a certain journey on your own, you should stretch your capabilities slowly, until you can manage longer journeys.

So whilst it took some time to work out the best way to travel the final solution turned out to be the simplest. Fly to Charles De Gaulle airport with Air France and Barry from Pet Moves … Read more

Al Bhed Primer Locations

But what happens when you toss in airline travel with your dog? In today’s mobile society it is very common for thousands of people each day, to be traveling with their dog. Some dogs have to go to a kennel or to the house of a friend, but other lucky dogs get to travel with their owners on the airplane. Reflection. Some people take trips alone because they want time on their own to reflect. If you simply enjoy your own company, or want to be with your own thoughts without anyone else intruding, solo travel might be the way to go. I found this compilation a really good list for any traveler, not just as gifts, but things I should consider taking a long when traveling. Loved the insightful tips and travel anecdotes.Travel

With a recently released speaker list of the who’s who in travel, this is one event you don’t want to miss! We checked the plumbing and electrical system in the sink/stove cabinet area and added a new 110 volt receptacle to replace the rusted unsafe outlet beneath the overhead cabinets.

Breakdowns can and do happen. When help is not available, doing repairs yourself is almost impossible. … Read more

How To Know If An RV Is Well Designed And Constructed

We had agreed to meet Bri, Ben, and the boys Dorion and Kai there for breakfast. It was a few minutes after 8 and how lucky we were to find that we were the only ones there. Had the whole place to ourselves for breakfast. Now that is my kind of happening. Love it when there are no masses of yakky-doodle people around. Saving money. Group travel is generally much cheaper. You can get group rates on accommodations (you’ve probably seen brochures that say single occupancy, double occupancy, triple occupancy, and so on – the price goes down for each person sharing a room), companion rates for certain modes of transportation (particularly bus and train), group rates into attractions (amusement parks, museums, etc), and there are tons of other things you can split costs on. If you’re able to reduce costs, you’ll have extra money to see and do more things.

The Sun. Alaska, during the summer, has very long days. It’s common knowledge. Around Anchorage, it will be dusk at 11 pm during the summer solstice. If you are travel for the summer, be prepared to be hard-pressed to sleep when it’s dark. A suggestion would be to bring … Read more

Small Travel Trailer

Primarily, following my tip makes packing for the bulk of your trip, but especially the homeward trip light and easy. Following this tip avoids damaged or ruined purchases and disappointment. But it can lead to getting significant mementos home. Fact #2: Most doctors will provide you with a medication order you can bring with you and fill at another U.S. pharmacy while you are away. Simply contact your doctor’s office before leaving and ask them if you could pick up an order for your medication to take with you while you are away. This approach may be good if you are going to be gone for an extended trip, your medication is out of refills, or if your pill is for a controlled substance that cannot be transferred.

There’s no fudging this one – it is, quite literally, a giant, wooden beagle. There are two storeys inside, and it was designed by the owners, who are chainsaw artists (they made much of the furniture inside, too). The doggy theme continues inside – the headboard of the bed is covered in 26 carved wooden beagles. Unsurprisingly, you can bring your dog!

I’ve traveled by train in Alaska, Seattle to Portland, NYC … Read more

The Best Way To Sell Your RV Yourself

raveling is one of the awesome pleasures in life. It enables a person to freely learn new things and have a piece of adventure at the same time. You won’t need to just imagine as you read on people, culture and history of various places or countries because traveling lets you experience them by yourself! You will no longer just see the magnificent landmarks, let’s say Eiffel Tower, in the photos of websites or magazines. You will be able to gaze upon them up close, and perhaps land a touch on it. Chatbots are a potential route to billions of consumers but travel brands are failing to fully take advantage of their possibilities according to the new Are Bots Worth the Bother? Report for EyeforTravel and Travelaer. You can download the full report here.Travel

Randy, I just like to refinish antique furniture and a lot of the techniques used in that will work in fixing RVs. I also sew and worked for a while in an upholstery shop sewing the cushions. Works for cushions in an RV. The worst part was the plumbing which I learned to do off the internet.

Curbside and self check in are not allowed, when … Read more

How To Know If An RV Is Well Designed And Constructed

Fancy heading off somewhere a little different on your travels? Sick of the usual drab hotels or mundane apartments? Well, there are plenty of places around the world that will get you out of your comfort zone, ranging from the slightly quirky to the out-and-out bonkers (we’re looking at you, giant wooden beagle). We removed the ceiling assembly and hold down bracket from the Coleman rooftop AC unit so we could better access the roof and ceiling damage. One of the bolts securing the rooftop AC to the hold-down bracket was loose and this may have been the cause of the leaking roof.

There are many opportunities to volunteer around the world regardless of what your major might be. Whether you are teaching, building, consulting, caring for children, or protecting the environment, you can find short-term to long-term volunteer opportunities.Travel

I had two ATM cards – one a MasterCard ATM/Credit/Debit card from my bank and the second a Visa ATM/Credit/Debit from my credit union. I checked the back of each card and verified that at least one of the systems that each belonged to was listed on the Internet as a member service that the two ATM machines in Ryazan … Read more Travel Insurance

Having lived in the Western United States my whole life, I have found the example of the European traveler to be quite informative. I believe that when Europeans travel to the United States they actually see more of the country than we residents do. Go to the South Rim of the Calm Lands, south again, then west a room or two and south past a disagreeable sentry until you wind up in Macalania Forest. If the shimmery path into the sky is there, take that – it’s a handy shortcut, and the primer is hidden right before it rejoins the main path on the ground. If the shimmery path is NOT there, then grind your way through Macalania Forest on the ground (passing butterflies and such) until you hit another save sphere, and it’s just past that in a hidden niche to the right.

Is USDA United States Department of Animals? If so, you have to ask them about that. Every country has different rules and regulations regarding exporting and importing your dog. They will be the one who can tell you what you need for the export. Health certificate, Vet card with all the notifications of vaccinations, pet passport … Read more