Day: August 6, 2016

Travel To Luang Prabang, Laos

The Columbus Travel and Tour is the best agent from Burma. Columbus Travels Myanmar is a great agency of Burma. Make certain that you have all your dogs health records with you. Most airlines will require certificate of health before you can load your dog. Flying to the Philippines from Germany or Schiphol, The Netherlands takes at least 12,5 hours to Manila which in this case was a non-stop flight. Of course it depends on the airlines you are flying on.

Although most of the teaching and learning takes place in the classrooms, there is no doubt that travelling broadens the mind and enlivens the spirit. They may be doing things differently, eating differently, dressing up differently, but anything which makes you happy will make them happy too and anything which makes you sad, will make them sad too.

ecogranny: My advice? Don’t wait too long. Glad every minute of every day that I followed that advice. What a wonderful adventure and those first bad seats added to the experience for sure! I’d syy you just taught us Amtrak 101! I would love to go on a train trip someday.

Hi Mike, I believe the 1x4s should be strong enough … Read more