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A perpetual globetrotter and travel writer who has experienced over 60 countries, authored 40+ guidebooks, and published 100s of articles for National Geographic Traveler, Wanderlust, Paperplane, Get Lost, Lifestyle+Travel, Voyageur, Hemispheres, The Independent, Lonely Planet, DK, Footprint, Rough Guides, Insight, Thomas Cook, AA Guides, Fodors, USA Today, and more. This blog is about the things that are cool (and not so cool) about travel, that inspire us to travel, and that are inspiring about the places we visit. It’s a space for me to reflect upon my work as a travel writer, the travel media, travel publishing, and travel industry. Our grand kids love this journal. The girls love the pink colour of course but also the elastic strap that holds the journal together and keeps the pages from getting disintegrated. The pages are soft to the touch when you write making the experience much more pleasant.

Almost all the amenities of the larger motor homes and 5th wheel campers can be added to the lightweight models. Fully loaded kitchens, private bathroom, and a separate sleeping chamber are some of the popular choices along with TV, microwaves and as well as air conditioning. Even the 5th wheels are getting in the lightweight trend.

Got a project that I hope you can provide some guidance. I have a 1994 Dutchmen 22′ BH that sat covered and unused by original owner since 1995. I recently noticed some deteriorating wood on the wall by the lower bunk and need to replace it. Not sure of the source but the window seal is suspect since the rot appears around and below the window. Any information on how to tackle this would be appreciated. I have the tools and have worked on boats, but this is the first time for a trailer. Thanks in advance.Travel

I also bought an old Winnebago Class A that was in pretty rough shape. Used hard, not water damage. I did put the rubberized seal on the roof just because it was old. I lightly sanded the paneling and restained it. It brought it back to its former good looks. I made new cushions for the seats and changed the fiberboard used in the expandable bed for some good plywood. Also put veneer on the cabinets to freshen them up. Replaced the plumbing pipes with the flexible, they were in the way and the flexible could be moved out of the way so more could fit in the cupboards. I also removed a cupboard door and installed a small microwave to get it out of the way. It looked like a show trailer when we got done and provided many more years of service.

When you find yourself ruminating about any journey, take yourself away from it by humming a specific tune or reciting a couple of lines of a poem. This short distraction may help break the cycle of apprehension, and therefore the build up of pre travel anxiety.

Above you have seen a list of pants and thought it would be helpful to recommend a few other garments that I have found very good when I am out and about. These also have been designed to have all the required features that just make these choices perfect for travelling.